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How to add fireworks to your wedding photos

Fireworks are becoming more and more popular at weddings in the UK and they can add a real touch of sparkle and class to proceedings, so long as your venue is happy for you to use them, and you observe the safety rules around them, there is no reason why they shouldn’t provider the finishing touch to your perfect day.

However, taking photos of fireworks is not straightforward. Having made the effort to arrange a stunning display, it seems a shame if the photos are not able to reflect their true glory. Here are some ways to make sure the fireworks fizz in front of the camera lens instead of turning to dull disappointment.

1. Hire a professional

There’s no way around it; if you want decent shots of your fireworks, you must rely on a professional photographer, who knows his or her way around a camera, and who has access to high quality kit. They will know the right settings to use, the best places to stand and the secrets and tricks around timings. Plus, you and your guests can relax and enjoy the show without worrying about who’s taking the photos, and whether they will work out alright.

2. Safety first

Fireworks can be dangerous if not co-ordinated and managed correctly, so do not put anyone in danger by requesting unsafe camera angles or trying to move too close to the fireworks in the quest for better pictures. Listen to the firework organiser’s advice and follow it or, if you are doing them yourself, do plenty of research online first and only buy them from a reputable supplier. Show your photographer round the site in advance so they can carry out a risk ahead of time.

3. Timing is everything

Plan your fireworks for the moment during your wedding when they will make the biggest impact. Clearly, they will look better after dark and in a wide open area where people can see them go off. Check the weather conditions too – if sporadic rain is threatened, try to time them for a forecasted dry spell. This will also help keep cameras dry and offer a clearer atmosphere to capture the best photos possible.
Try and provide your photographer with a rough order of fireworks being set off, and highlight any specific ones that you would like them to try and capture. That way, they will be ready for them well in advance, set up and ready to click the shutter.

4. Fireworks galore

Some venues will allow you to set off indoor fireworks. Although these may not have as much of a ‘wow factor’; as their outdoor counterparts, they can still add atmosphere and result in some lovely photos. As with outdoor fireworks, follow all safety rules and don’t compromise anyone by getting too close to take pictures or trying to move them around once they are lit.
You might like to carry on the firework theme into your wedding flowers, reception decorations or wedding cake. All these details will produce some beautiful photos and act as charming backdrops for couple or group shots.

5. All in the detail

Finally, ask your photographer to try and capture little details as well as huge explosions in the sky. Pictures of younger guests waving sparklers or writing with them in the air will look lovely in a photo album, as will pictures of Catherine Wheels and smaller Roman Candles.
You could also ask your photographer to picture the display being set up for an added dimension to the photos of your day from start to finish.

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